Since 13 December 2014, it has been mandatory for labels that accompany the retail sale of fished or farmed fish produce to contain certain information.

You have the right to know this information. A properly compiled label guides you towards making informed and responsible choices.

The protection of the sea begins right here.

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Denominazione commerciale e scientifica

Mandatory information

For all the produce on sale, the label must bear the trade name and the scientific name of the species.

For responsible consumption

Behind each scientific denomination, there is one and only one fish species, with its own characteristics of minimum size for sale, reproduction, fishing seasonality and exposure to the risk of extinction.

The populations of many species on sale are in continuous decline. If you want to contribute to their survival, make your purchases in accordance with the seasonality of fishing, their minimum size and their reproduction periods. In order to really be aware of and respect what you buy, you need to deepen your research into fish species and make an informed choice. You will discover that numerous species are unjustly forgotten, are abundant and are excellent for cooking, as well as rich in nutritional values.

Area di pesca

Mandatory information

For fish caught in the waters of European countries, the label must clearly indicate the name of the sub-area or fishing division, as well as the most precise indication of the point in which they were caught (e.g.: Ionian Sea - Gulf of Taranto). For the rest of the world, only the name of the area needs to be indicated (e.g.: Eastern Indian Ocean).

For responsible consumption

Choose the products caught or farmed in the areas closest to you. They are fresher and do not have to travel thousands of kilometres before reaching your table!

Stato del prodotto

Mandatory information

The label must indicate if the product has been unfrozen, with the exception of cases in which freezing is a necessary stage in the production process or if it was applied for reasons of health safety.

Attrezzi da pesca

Mandatory information

For fish caught at sea, the label must include the name of the categories of tools used for the catch: "seiners", "trawl nets", "gill nets and similar nets", "encircling nets and lift nets", "hooks and longlines", "dredgers", "fish traps and other traps".

For responsible consumption

The seller may also indicate on the label the detail of the tool (belonging to one of the aforementioned categories) effectively used for catching the fish.

A fishmonger that gives you this information is responsible and committed to being transparent with you and to giving you the opportunity to choose the products fished using more sustainable and less invasive tools.

When making your purchases, choose the tools used in Small-scale Artisanal Fishing: "bottom-set gill nets (anchored)", "encircling gill nets", "trammel nets", "encased/embedded/fortified -combined nets", "fish traps and basket traps", "fyke nets and coghill nets." , "handlines and pole lines (mechanised)", "trolling lines", "harpoons".

They are more selective in the catching of fish and respect the environment and the ecosystems

Deepen your knowledge of these tools and make a responsible choice.

Metodo di produzione